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12 Sussex Ave - East Orange, NJ

Original Tenant: Mayfair Foodtown
Address: 12 Sussex Ave, East Orange, NJ
Opened: unknown
Closed: 1990s
Later Tenants: 99 Cent & Discount Depot > Planet Fitness
Photographed: July 2020
We're heading to the south of interstate 280 (and to the east of the Parkway) to see this former supermarket on the eastern border of East Orange. Now if you can believe it... this former Mayfair Foodtown (which may have been built as a Food Fair, I'm not sure) actually stayed abandoned until around 2010 when 99 Cent & Discount Depot moved in and fixed up the place. Check out these Google Maps street views from 2007 here and here. Foodtow! But seriously... I'm pretty clearly seeing this logo on that pylon. Could that logo have been up all the way to the end? That means it was still sporting that logo while the rest of the Foodtowns moved on to this logo, this logo, and some maybe even to the current one. Today, the store and its accompanying strip mall have been extensively remodeled but the bones of the Foodtown are still there. Up next we're heading just over the border into the Roseville neighborhood of Newark before crossing back over into East Orange's Ampere section. Head over to The Independent Edition for tomorrow's post!


  1. I work in this supermarket since they opened, I used to work on the one in Roseville Ave and park Ave today Bravo supermarket in newark, and got transfer the first day they open, own by the same persons I work under the supervision of Jack Santos the produce supervisor that was around 1972 and 1973 I was 17 0r 18 today I'm 68. Great memories.


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