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3736 NY-54A, Branchport, NY

Original Tenant:  Red & White Food Stores Address:  3736 NY-54A, Branchport, NY Opened:  unknown Closed:  unknown Later Tenants:  Crooked Lake Mercantile Photographed:  August 2020 This touristy-centered general store type thing was previously a Red & White Food Store. How do I know? Because the signs are still up on the front and side of the building! Crooked Lake Mercantile, which now occupies the space, is one of just five businesses, I believe, in this "downtown" area of Branchport. Before we visit Hammondsport, at the southern tip of the Y of Keuka Lake, we're going to take a quick detour inland about eight miles to Prattsburgh tomorrow over on The Independent Edition !

252 Lake St - Penn Yan, NY

Original Tenant:  ACME Markets Address:  252 Lake St, Penn Yan, NY Opened:  late 1950s Closed:  1990s Later Tenants:  P&C Foods (?) Photographed:  August 2020 The only former supermarket I was able to track down in Penn Yan is this 1950s-era flat roofed ACME, now subdivided. It's likely that this store was taken over by Penn Traffic before the existing P&C building, now Tops , was built as a replacement for this location. Here's a look at what the store would've originally looked like. That wraps up our coverage of Penn Yan, and our next stop is at the northwestern tip of the Y of Keuka Lake, at Branchport right here on Grocery Archaeology!

381 Hamilton St - Geneva, NY

Tops Friendly Markets Opened:  unknown Location:  381 Hamilton St, Geneva, NY Photographed:  2018 and August 2020 Interior images photographed and submitted by Retail Regents Retail Regents  brings us some interior photographs of the Tops in Geneva, NY, in the Finger Lakes which we first saw back in September 2019 as a  Snapshot . The 53,000 square foot store, which looks very nice inside, was located directly across the street from a 72,000 square foot  Wegmans  (which is actually somewhat small for a Wegmans). It closed in late 2018 and is  being subdivided . I like the decor a lot, especially the ceiling panels against the black ceiling, but it's clear many of the fixtures were very old. It's a no-brainer to close this store during Tops' bankruptcy, given its location immediately across the street from a Wegmans. I returned to the area in August of this year and got some exterior pictures of the store after it was subdivided. The space

Coming Soon!

We have two more groups before we finish New York! The first one is in the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions of New York, in the central part of the state from near Syracuse down to Hornell and across to Binghamton. And dedicated readers of The Market Report will know that we've actually  done this area before  with several stores. Well guess what, we're back for even more! 26 stores to be exact, with coverage on all three blogs. The Finger Lakes are a series of eleven long north-south lakes in central New York, with the Southern Tier being the region of NY right south of that on the Pennsylvania border. Here's where we'll be going, from east to west and then to the south: Skaneateles Lake:  Skaneateles Owasco Lake:  Auburn, Moravia Cayuga Lake:  Waterloo, Ovid, Trumansburg, Ithaca Seneca Lake:  Geneva, Watkins Glen Keuka Lake:  Penn Yan, Branchport, Prattsburgh, Hammondsport, Bath Southern Tier:  Hornell, Canisteo, Big Flats, Owego, Hallstead (PA)

Happy Birthday to The Market Report!

So in preparing some posts around this wonderful day, it came to my attention that I didn't post anything for our three-year anniversary back in November 2019 (just  a post on The Independent Edition ). I figured we need to get some special stuff going on for this year! I have a lot of New York stores that haven't fit into any of the categories we've posted so far, so we have EIGHT assorted New York stores here on The Market Report, THREE over on  The Independent Edition , and one store along with memorabilia over on  Grocery Archaeology ! (Our geographically-centered groupings return tomorrow.) Here's a guide to what we have posted today: The Market Report TOUR: ShopRite - LaGrangeville, NY TOUR: ShopRite - Fishkill, NY TOUR: ShopRite - Niskayuna, NY TOUR: Market32 - Newburgh, NY TOUR: Foodtown - Georgetown, Brooklyn, NY TOUR: Key Food Supermarkets - Georgetown, Brooklyn, NY Look Inside: Tops Friendly Markets - Hancock, NY Snapshot: Key Food Supermarkets

2309 Nott St E, Niskayuna, NY

  Original Tenant:  Grand Union Address:  2309 Nott St E, Niskayuna, NY Opened:  1950s Closed:  late 1990s Later Tenants:  Subdivided Photographed:  July 2020 Contributor:  Lars D. The ShopRite of Niskayuna, NY is a former Grand Union, built in the very final days of the company in the late 1990s until about 2000. I don't know whether the store actually ever opened, but it was designed as a replacement store for an older, 20,000 square foot store which we're looking at here. (To be fair, we're actually looking at the side of the former store.) The store continues behind the rest of the mall, which was constructed later than the original grocery store. The 54,000 square foot replacement store sat vacant for over 10 years before being revitalized as an SRS-owned ShopRite, which you can tour here ! Also make sure to check out the Niskayuna Coop across the street. And as a side note... I am told Thai Thai Bistro is the best Thai food around.

Memorabilia: The Moisturizing Beauty Bar that America Chooses

This awkwardly-phrased "beauty bar" was spotted at an antique store in White Haven, PA in 2019.

Memorabilia: Two Guys Walk Into a Department Store...

June 1967 receipt from Two Guys (originally Two Guys from Harrison), a northern New Jersey department store. This receipt was for a $0.40 greeting card purchased at the Union location.

Memorabilia: Eight O'Clock Coffee, One of A&P's Fine Coffees

Spotted in an antique store in Cambridge, MA.

Memorabilia: Stop & Shop Rich & Vigorous Coffee

Spotted at an antique store in Cambridge, MA.