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1933 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY

Original Tenant: Safeway
Address: 1933 Victory Blvd, Castleton Corners, Staten Island, NY Opened: 1950s Closed: early 1960s Later Tenants: Finast > Super X > Revco > CVS Photographed: March 2020 This building was built as a Safeway and later sold to Finast. JoshAustin610 has more details on the drugstore history of the building here. It's an early prototype of the Marina style, and a similar variation we can see in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Today, the front wall, which would've been entirely glass, has been bricked over. Inside, the A-frame roof remains exposed, although there are is a drop ceiling at the angle. The approximately 14,000 square foot building makes for a very large CVS. We can see some of the windows still exposed on the front wall.

778 Manor Rd, Staten Island, NY

Original Tenant: Waldbaum's
Address: 778 Manor Rd, Staten Island, NY Opened: ca. 1960 Closed: 2007 Later Tenants: King Kullen (2007-2009) Photographed: March 2020 This building, a bit west along the Staten Island Expressway from Olive Tree, is actually two floors, with both floors being taken up originally by Waldbaum's. The lower (basement) level, which ends up being ground level on the side of the building and was originally the backroom, later became a CVS. King Kullen bought this Waldbaum's in 2007 before closing in 2009. At that time, after extensive renovations, CVS moved into the top floor around 2010. Queens, NY-based Fresh n Save Marketplace, a Key Food affiliate, moved into the rather dingy basement and equipped it nicely for a brand-new supermarket. Although Fresh n Save didn't last, a Key Food operator moved in, eventually selling to a CTown operator that closed and was replaced by the third SuperFresh on Staten Island. I photographed the last two (CTown and Sup…

375 Tompkins Ave - Staten Island, NY

Original Tenant: A&P
Address: 375 Tompkins Ave, Rosebank, Staten Island, NY Opened: 1960s Closed: 1990s Later Tenants: Waldbaums (1990s-2015), Food Universe Marketplace (2016-2018), Freshway Supermarket (2018-2019) Photographed: March 2020 This location was a longtime A&P that was converted to Waldbaum's by the 1990s before closing early in the 2015-16 bankrupcty. New Jersey-based operator Kevin Kim (oh boy, do we know him -- from Fairview, Plainsboro, and Belleville). This store as a Food Universe actually seemed to do okay. It even got some nice renovations. But of course, after just about two years, it was converted to the Freshway banner and switched from Key Food to General Trading/Retail Grocers Group. The "win a car" sweepstakes from Plainsboro's grand opening never finished because the store closed before the contest ended, so that was transferred to this location. In fact, in this picture you can see the banner from Plainsboro complete with the Superfresh…

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Our next stop after leaving Brooklyn is Staten Island! Now we have been to Staten Island before, seeing a Key Food Marketplace, a Superfresh that has since closed, and a Met Foodmarket. But, we all know... NOPE, NO CHEESY SONG GIMMICK HERE. You'll have to go to The Market Report to see it.Ahem, we know that we can do better. Anyway, we're going to tour EIGHT new supermarkets, see a NEW Superfresh, and RETURN to that Met Foodmarket for a full interior tour! Uh... maybe no one else is as excited about that as I am. But anyway, stay tuned for two weeks of Staten Island.

4102 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Original Tenant: unknown
Address: 4102 Church Ave, East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants: Rite Aid Photographed: May 2019 Okay, so the last time I did this I was just plain ol' wrong. But I saw this building directly across the street from yesterday's Shop Fair and, well... I had a feeling about it. Doesn't it just look like an old Scaturro Supermarket? Or something like that? You know those various pop songs that talk about love at first sight? With lyrics saying things like "I knew as soon as he/she walked into the room" and other such nonsense. Well, I'd love to write that song about seeing a building and just having a feeling it's a former supermarket. Unlike the Avenue D location, I'm pretty sure I'm right about this one. Anyway, any Brooklynites out there who can confirm my suspicions?

4602 Ave D, Brooklyn, NY

Original Tenant: unknown
Address: 4602 Ave D, East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants: unknown Photographed: May 2019 A whole lotta unknowns up in that intro section! And that's because I glanced at this building thinking it was a supermarket. It probably wasn't. This building looks like a former supermarket, but prior to the Dollar General renovation, it really didn't look anything like a grocery store. Oh well. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

2200 Clarendon Rd - Brooklyn, NY

Original Tenant: Possibly Food Fair, Waldbaum's, or something else with a tower
Address: 2200 Clarendon Rd, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants:Key Food Supermarkets (??-2013), King Food Market (2013-2014) Photographed: May 2019 As you can see if you click on the name King Food Market, Harmony Funeral Home did very little to this building when they moved in in 2015. It still has a distinctive supermarket look to it. This building is located on Clarendon Road in the first block east of Flatbush Avenue, i.e., just about 140 yards from JK Flatbush Farm. As tempting as it is to say that a 10,000 square foot is simply too large to survive in this area where space is at a premium, there's also a 10,000 square foot Food Universe Marketplace just about another 140 yards south of this store. We'll be seeing that in a couple days, but (and we're skipping this store, which I think is fine with everyone) there's also an approximately 50,000 square f…

781 Flatbush Ave - Brooklyn, NY

Original Tenant: unknown
Address: 781 Flatbush Ave, Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants: 2S Mart (?? - 2019) Photographed: May 2019 Unfortunately this one didn't make it. Although there are many produce markets that do very well in this neighborhood, this one closed soon before I visited, which is a shame. It's directly across the street from the Key Food we saw yesterday. So far, no one new has moved into the spot, although it is a great location.

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Alright, we've finished up Bushwick and are now heading to the southwestern portion of Brooklyn to see the area broadly referred to as Flatbush! Flatbush is a fascinating combination of landscapes, architectural styles, cultures, and of course, supermarkets. It is, of course, a massive oversimplification to separate this group of stores into just two neighborhoods, but in the broadest sense, Prospect Lefferts Gardens is the northern section of our tour and Flatbush is the southern section. Our route will take approximately the shape of Texas (I can't think of any other way to describe it), starting in the northern arm with Prospect Lefferts Gardens and stores along Flatbush Avenue, the main thoroughfare through much of southern Brooklyn. We turn west in the northern part of Flatbush to follow Church Avenue to the border of Kensington before returning east along Cortelyou Road in Prospect Park South. At Clarendon Road, we join back up with Flatbush Avenue to continue south in …

832 Flushing Ave - Brooklyn, NY

Original Tenant: unknown
Address: 832 Flushing Ave, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants: CTown Supermarkets (??-2015) Photographed: December 2019 Although Bushwick is a very desirable neighborhood and is quickly gentrifying, not all parts of the neighborhood are developing equally. The northern section, closer to (extremely desirable) Williamsburg, tends to remain lower income and has many vacancies, abandoned industrial properties, and so on. This particular store is also located immediately across from a public housing complex. There is, however, a Bravo at the north end of the housing complex, which we'll see up next. Just a few blocks west, we find the upscale Food Bazaar on Manhattan Ave. But other than those two and the Food Bazaar several blocks south on Myrtle Ave, this neighborhood has very few large, full-service grocery stores. To go back to happier times in 2014, check out this street view of the store still in business here.

Coming Soon!

The next neighborhoods we're taking a look at are Bushwick and Ridgewood! Now, we have been to Bushwick before, to visit stores here and here. But we are returning for an additional dozen or so that were photographed later than that group. We're also adding in one Ridgewood store, which is just over the border into Queens, because I have nowhere else to put it. So let's begin with Billy's Marketplace in Ridgewood, Queens, up next over on The Independent Edition!

133-40 79th St, Howard Beach, NY

Original Tenant: Foodtown
Address: 133-40 79th St, Howard Beach, Queens, NY Opened: 2016 Closed: 2017 Later Tenants: Shop Fair Supermarkets (same owners) - closed 2018 > Knickerbocker Furniture Photographed: December 2018 The Shehadeh brothers owned several supermarkets across the boroughs of New York City, most of which ended up under the Shop Fair banner. We've toured their Bay Ridge location. Most of their stores have been closed or sold, though I believe there are two Shop Fair stores they still own in Flatbush. This store lasted only two years in the most generous of approximations, approximately one year as a Foodtown and approximately one year as a Shop Fair. This commercial (oddly in Spanish for an area with a relatively low Hispanic population, and with a very sketchy version of "Uptown Funk") provides a look inside the store when it was still briefly in business. Today, it's occupied by Knickerbocker Furniture, which appears to have closed for the night at th…

Coming Soon!

Our next group of neighborhoods is just to the west of what we saw in southern Jamaica. We're heading into what might be considered central Ozone Park, then into Howard Beach, a relatively isolated mostly residential neighborhood of southwestern Queens, and finally right over the border into Brooklyn for East New York!

1764 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY

Original Tenant: Pathmark
Address: 1764 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY Opened: unknown Closed: 2016 Later Tenants: Key Food Supermarkets (planned, never opened) Photographed: December 2018 Just down the street from Fruit Tree Farm is this former Pathmark. Though the store was purchased by Key Food operator Pick Quick Foods, and renovations did occur, the interior was never completed and the plans were abandoned. While Pathmark occupied the entire 50,000 square foot location, including a 14,000 square foot expansion, Key Food was planned to take just about 36,000 square feet (the original size of the Pathmark). The remaining 14,000 square foot Pathmark expansion has been taken by a beauty supply store.

Coming Soon!

Happy March! We moved through North Hempstead pretty quickly, now it's time to head south to the Town of Hempstead. We're hitting the key villages and hamlets: Garden City, downtown Hempstead, Baldwin, Valley Stream, and a few other locations here and there. As we'll see, there's a lot of variation here, in store size and style, income level of the communities, brands, and more. This group will feature stores on The Market ReportThe Independent Edition, and for the first time in a while, Grocery Archaeology! We're going to jump right into Garden City tomorrow!

Memorabilia: All's Fair at Earth Fare

Except not really, as the 50-store chain has gone out of business. Our contributor Atlas K. has offered photos of his apron from when he was an employee of the chain.
That's all the memorabilia we have for today, but I promise Grocery Archaeology is coming back soon with coverage of store locations!

Memorabilia: A White Rose by Any Other Name

We don't have to go too far back in our collective memories to get to White Rose, a wholesaler out of Carteret, NJ that went bankrupt in 2014. Its retail stores, under the DiGiorgio group, included Met and Pioneer supermarkets, which were consolidated with the Associated and Compare brands to form the Associated Supermarket Group. White Rose products were continued to be produced by C&S Wholesale Grocers of Keene, NH, which acquired the wholesale arm of White Rose, until about two years later. (While Met and Pioneer sold White Rose, Associated and Compare sold Super A. Today, all four brands use the Avenue A private label.) The above products were spotted at a convenience store in Newtown, CT.
And when my Goodwill had a box of matches (albeit a very damaged one) for $1.99 - and it was even half price day! - I had to buy it. So here's an absurdly large number of pictures of every angle of this box that you've probably never cared about seeing.
The copyright date on the…