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31 Belleville Ave, Bloomfield, NJ

Original Tenant: ACME Markets
Address: 31 Belleville Ave, Bloomfield, NJ
Opened: 1951
Closed: 1970s
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: February 2021
One of our three stores today is a quick look at this former ACME in Bloomfield. The 8100 square foot location originally faced Belleville Ave (which is now on the left side of the strip). It closed by the 1970s and was integrated into the Stop & Shop mall that was built around it. Today, that Stop & Shop is a SuperFresh and we can see just the tip of that building to the far right in the above image. Make sure to also check out the SuperFresh and the Foodtown downtown, and head over to The Market Report tomorrow for our next Bloomfield store!