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589 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY

Original Tenant: A&P
Address: 589 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY Opened: early 1960s Closed: unknown Later Tenants: unknown Photographed: March 2019 This former centennial A&P is located just up the street from yesterday's ShopRite, though I would imagine the ShopRite dates to at least 10 years after the A&P (mid-70s at the earliest). Perhaps the ShopRite forced the A&P out of business, or maybe the A&P closed before the ShopRite opened. Either way, I'm pretty sure that the original A&P sign post still stands, although I do think the sign frame at the top has been replaced. We have one more store in Yonkers before we move on, which we'll see tomorrow on The Market Report!
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125 New Main St, Yonkers, NY

Original Tenant: unknown
Address: 125 New Main Street, Getty Square, Yonkers, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants: Met Foodmarkets > Compare Foods Supermarket Photographed: March 2019 The Shop Fair, just four doors down from this former supermarket, did unfortunately put this store out of business. It was previously a Met Foodmarket that was owned by Hyun Soo Kim, later being taken over in 2013 by Sunni Hsuan Wang and converted to Compare Foods. The 3600 square foot store unfortunately didn't stand a chance against the 22,000 square foot Shop Fair. You can see how close they were here. Half of a former Met sign is still visible on the back of the store. I've messed with the lighting in the above photo to show increased contrast and if you look very carefully, the Met lettering is still visible. While Shop Fair may have put this store out of business, there's one other store on the block that hasn't closed yet, and we'll see that tomorrow on The Independe…

21b Knolls Crescent, Bronx, NY

Original Tenant: unknown
Address: 21b Knolls Crescent, Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, NY Opened: unknown Closed: unknown Later Tenants: Genovese Drug Stores > Eckerd (?) > Rite Aid Photographed: March 2020 Our first stop is the neighborhood of Spuyten Duyvil, which is across Spuyten Duyvil Creek from Inwood, Manhattan. This is a building that really looks like a former supermarket, especially from the back. It's about 6,000 square feet, and anchors a very small strip mall which makes up really the only commercial section in this small residential neighborhood. And although this is no longer a grocery store, there is a tiny grocery store just to the left (in fact, you can see its awning to the far left in the above picture). We'll be touring that tomorrow on The Independent Edition!

Coming Soon!

This group of stores coming up next is actually areas we've seen before. For one, we've extensively covered the northwestern Bronx, though we'll be seeing Spuyten Duyvil, which is kind of northwest of Marble Hill (see here); and Riverdale to the northwest of the store we've already seen. Then we're crossing over into Yonkers, which we've seen previously (if only briefly!), for some more extensive coverage. Stay tuned as we start here on Grocery Archaeology tomorrow!

Memorabilia: Pathmark Bandages

This is the label to a bandage from the Pathmark storebrand. It was printed wrong so that the printing is just a little too high meaning that this bandage has the Pathmark logo cut off. I've also had a Pathmark branded bandage in my wallet for years, which I believe I've posted previously, and which I recently switched out for a TopCare adhesive bandage.

Memorabilia: Pathmark Perks Coupon

So I have a Pathmark Perks card. What does it get me? Well, apparently things like this coupon for $1.50 off frozen food over $15 or more. But excluding ice cream...? Come on! Anyway, this one is long expired (2012) but still a fun find while digging through a family member's garage.

Memorabilia: Pathmark Perks Card

We've previously seen the Pathmark Advantage Club card my family used for years, but in 2008 when A&P purchased Pathmark, the program became Pathmark Perks. Notice the odd thing about this logo, it features the extended h in "Path" but "mark" is not set lower.
Like that! Notice the A&P address on the back instead of the Pathmark address in Carteret, NJ.