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274 Passaic Ave, Kearny, NJ

Original Tenant: Vitale Foodtown
Address: 274 Passaic Ave, Kearny, NJ
Opened: with rest of mall
Closed: by 1998
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: June 2020
Today's former supermarket is on Passaic Avenue in Kearny, which once was a major shopping hub. This mall had a Kmart and a Foodtown, the mall across the street had a Two Guys that later became a Pathmark, and a ShopRite was just down the street. The primarily industrial area just to the south is being redeveloped into residential and retail spaces, making this once again a retail center. The Foodtown has been subdivided and the Kmart is barely hanging on; the Two Guys/Pathmark is now an LA Fitness, and a Marshalls is also in that mall, the ShopRite is still there and busier than ever, and a new BJ's was built between the Foodtown/Kmart and ShopRite malls. We'll see the ShopRite tomorrow on The Market Report!