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175 Passaic Ave, Kearny, NJ

Original Tenant: Pathmark
Address: 175 Passaic Ave, Kearny, NJ
Opened: 1990s
Closed: 2012
Later Tenants: LA Fitness
Photographed: June 2020
Today's snapshot is just across the street from the former Foodtown. This Pathmark was built in the 1990s on the site of the original Two Guys from Harrison (later just Two Guys) department store. Before I really got into retail history, my family would talk about having shopped at Two Guys but I didn't realize it was an extremely local company (being based, of course, in Harrison, NJ, which borders Kearny to the south). That said, my knowledge of this location is somewhat limited so you can see more history here. We can see that today, LA Fitness has kept almost all of Pathmark's facade, just painted it a different color. It actually looks pretty good today!
Our next stop is a quarter of a mile south on Passaic Avenue, and is the only remaining supermarket in this immediate area. Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to check it out!