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650 W Cuthbert Blvd, Westmont, NJ

Original Tenant: SuperFresh (previously Grant City/Clover)
Address: 650 W Cuthbert Blvd, Westmont, Haddon Township, NJ
Opened: 1997
Closed: 2011
Later Tenants: Thriftway (2013-2016) > Target
Photographed: January 2021
We're in the Westmont section of Haddon Township today, visiting two stores. They're less than half a mile apart, with this former SuperFresh/Thriftway just down Cuthbert Boulevard from the ACME. While this SuperFresh, which replaced an older store converted from A&P in the same strip mall, was far more modern than the ACME, the ACME has managed to not only outlive the SuperFresh (which closed in 2011) but the subsequent Crystal Lake Thriftway (which occupied the space from 2013 to 2016). They moved from an older location in town. Check out the progression of the space here, and check out Acme Style's interior photos of the Thriftway soon after opening here. Target has done some interesting but relatively limited modifications to the exterior although I must say it looks pretty nice. Looks like the space is right in the range of 48,000 square feet, making it a smaller Target (these small format stores are frequently seen in urban areas, of which Westmont is not one). Don't forget to tour the ACME with its new renovation here, and tomorrow, we move on to Haddonfield for another ACME on The Market Report!


  1. Just so you're aware, Westmont is part of Haddon Township but Haddonfield is a separate town altogether.

    1. I was not aware! Like the old saying goes, you know what happens when you assume... you get corrected on your supermarket blog. Fixed!

    2. I had no idea until about a year after I moved to Cherry Hill. I thought Westmont and Haddon Twp and Haddonfield were all the same. Turns out they are not!

  2. They are currently building a Sprouts Farmers Market in-between the target and the liquor store at the far left end of this shopping center


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