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49 W Allendale Ave, Allendale, NJ

Original Tenant: A&P Address: 49 W Allendale Ave, Allendale, NJ Opened:  1950s Closed:  1980s Later Tenants:  subdivided Photographed:  December 2020 Here's a look at the former A&P in Allendale, a Centennial model store that's in the Allendale Town Center. The 15,000 square foot store was replaced in the 1980s by a much larger Futurestore at the other end of the strip mall, which became an ACME in 2015. Take a look at it here on The Market Report ! This space still has the bones of the Centennial model, but it looked even more A&P-like before the exterior remodel . Tomorrow we're heading to the south to check out an independent supermarket in the next town south on The Independent Edition . Stay tuned!

115 Skyline Dr, Ringwood, NJ

Original Tenant:  A&P Address:  115 Skyline Dr, Ringwood, NJ Opened:  1960s Closed:  unknown Later Tenants:  CVS Photographed:  July 2020 Today's snapshot is a quick look at a former A&P, now of course occupied by a CVS. The 16,000 square foot space does not seem to have been significantly altered since its days as an A&P, although some facade details have been removed and a new facade has been built out over the old building. A&P was based out of Montvale just about 12 miles away, but Grand Union out of Elmwood Park, NJ 13 miles away set up shop across the street in a larger location in 1972. We'll be touring the Stop & Shop that replaced that store tomorrow on The Market Report !

1926 Union Valley Rd, Hewitt, NJ

Original Tenant:  A&P Address:  1926 Union Valley Rd, Hewitt, NJ Opened:  1960s Closed:  1990s Later Tenants:  Tractor Supply Co. Photographed:  July 2020 Our first of several hundred stores in New Jersey is this store which I believe is a former A&P in the Hewitt section of West Milford. I could be wrong, but I think this store was the original store which was replaced in the 1990s by a 50,000 square foot A&P at the other end of the strip mall. That store closed in 2016, and we'll be taking a look at its replacement tomorrow on The Independent Edition !

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That's right folks, today marks the beginning of The Market Report's return to New Jersey ... finally! We'll be spending over four months here straight through as we attack the state from north to south. It's nice to be back in my home state for the first time in over a year, since we've spent so much time in New York and a little in Connecticut, too. Anyway, we're starting by crossing the border from  Suffern, NY  to the west in West Milford, where we'll be seeing our first store tomorrow. From there, we continue south through the clump of stores that is Bergen and Passaic counties (sorry, there's very little geographic sense to the order the stores are in beyond a general northwest to southeast-ish trajectory) stopping in many towns, among them Wayne, Paramus, Paterson, and Passaic. We have coverage on The Market Report ,  The Independent Edition , and Grocery Archaeology for nearly 100 stores across these two counties. So buckle up your seatbelt

200 NY-59, Suffern, NY

Original Tenant:  Grand Union Address:  200 NY-59, Suffern, NY Opened:  1970s Closed:  2001 Later Tenants:  none Photographed:  March 2019 It was the end of a frigid March day, a long day of visiting supermarkets across the Bronx and downstate suburban New York. I'd been to over 20 stores that day, photographing nearly 40 in total. What better way to end it than a still-vacant former Grand Union where the setting sun perfectly filtered through the store's windows, illuminating the entire interior? It's entirely possible that that Space Available banner has been here since closing day in 2001. Unfortunately, it mostly obscures any labelscar that might be here, except perhaps for something to the left. This store is located just west on NY-59 from a power center anchored by a ShopRite at one end and a Walmart at the other. That's likely why the store has not seen any tenants since Grand union closed, and unfortunately the entire mall has fallen

280 S Main St, New City, NY

Original Tenant:  A&P Address:  280 S Main St, New City, NY Opened:  unknown Closed:  unknown Later Tenants:  unknown Photographed:  March 2019 Our first Rockland County former supermarket is not the more exciting of the two. This is a barrel-roof Centennial store that has been disguised by a new facade, but you can still see the original facade behind it, with all Centennial elements removed. It's in the center of New City, which is certainly not a large city, but does have a Grand Union-turned- DeCicco Family Markets in the next strip mall north on Main Street and then a large ShopRite a little farther north than that. This 14,000 square foot store likely competed with the Grand Union next door for many years, though both are now gone. This photo was taken from the parking lot of Back to Earth Natural Foods, which is next door and which we'll see tomorrow on The Independent Edition !

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Our next geographic group, and the final one in New York, is Rockland County, which is just to the northern border of New Jersey. That's right folks, we have just six more stores before The Market Report finally returns to New Jersey, where we haven't been in nearly a year and a half. We have previously seen stores in Rockland County long ago, back in 2017. But we're returning for more coverage now. We have three stores over on The Market Report , with one over on  The Independent Edition  and two right here on Grocery Archaeology. We'll be starting to the north in Pomona tomorrow, working our way down to the New Jersey border over the next week. Stay tuned!

25059 US-11, Hallstead, PA

Original Tenant:  ACME Markets Address:  25059 US-11, Hallstead, PA Opened:  late 1960s Closed:  1994 Later Tenants:  Bi-Lo > Big M Photographed:  August 2020 Check out that pitched-roof! This bonus store, located just south of Binghamton, NY 2 miles south of the NY-PA border. This store has been covered extensively over on Acme Style, so I won't go too much into detail. The only difference we really notice is that the sign has been removed. And for reference... this is the picture, snapped from the interstate, from which I cropped the above image... This rounds out our Finger Lakes-Southern Tier group, but there's more fun! Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to check out our Streetside Sights & Scenes feature, for photos of the region that aren't supermarkets! And then we're on to the last group in New York state.

60 Center St, Hornell, NY

Original Tenant:  A&P Address:  60 Center St - Hornell, NY Opened:  late 1950s/early 1960s Closed:  early 1980s Later Tenants:  Salvation Army Family Store Photographed:  August 2020 Having toured the large supermarket in North Hornell, we are now taking a look at a former store to the southeast of downtown. Now a Salvation Army thrift store, this building appears to be either a low-budget centennial style store , or perhaps a retrofit of an older store. By the way, Salvation Army was closed because I was here on a Sunday. As we see in so many 1950s/60s-era supermarkets, the relatively small (in this case 13,000 square feet) store was built with a gigantic parking lot on a huge property (in this case about 2.5 acres). And the A&P shaped sign is still there on the parking lot! Route 36, or Maple City Drive, is visible on the overpass in the background. My assumption is the raised freeway, which cuts through the downtown, was constructed around the

121 Liberty St, Bath, NY

Original Tenant:  A&P Address:  1448 Morris Ave, Union, NJ Opened:  unknown Closed:  1980s Later Tenants:  Sherwin-Williams Photographed:  August 2020 Not all that much to see here. We first saw this store back in April of 2019 when I thought it might be a former A&P. We've confirmed that, and we also see that Sherwin-Williams has done some light renovations to the exterior of the building but kept the A&P essence intact. I will say, Bath seems to have been hit pretty hard since I was there last. Unlike most of the other Finger Lakes towns we stopped in, Bath's downtown is mostly vacant and seems to be struggling. And on that point, the Salvation Army store in a former ACME to the south of Bath has closed since we last visited. You can read more about that here . Thanks to Retail Regents for sending in the info! Tomorrow we are officially transitioning from the Finger Lakes region to the Southern Tier as we circle back from west to east along th

7183 NY-54, Bath, NY

Original Tenant:  Deal's Super Duper Address:  7183 NY-54, Bath, NY Opened:  1979 Closed:  unknown Later Tenants:  Save-A-Lot (??-2012) > Clark Specialty Co. (2012-2019) Photographed:  August 2020 Route 54 is the main road along Keuka Lake's east side, with 54A going up the west side. 54 goes from Bath to Penn Yan, where it turns east and heads out to Dresden on Seneca Lake. This store is located north of Bath on 54 between Bath and Hammondsport. It's unclear whether this store's original tenant, Deal's Super Duper, had any relation to the other assorted Super Duper supermarkets in the NY-PA area. I know there were several, but I believe the only one still operating is Dave's Super Duper in Honesdale, PA. It was later taken over by Save-A-Lot, which drpep captured here in 2009. In 2012, Save-A-Lot moved to the former P&C Foods to the south of Bath  and this 18,000 square foot store was taken over by Clark Specialty Co. , a sheet me