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1409 Marlton Pk E, Cherry Hill, NJ

Original Tenant: A&P
Address: Barclay Farms Shopping Center, 1409 Marlton Pk E, Cherry Hill, NJ
Opened: 1960
Closed: 1979
Later Tenants: Plus Discount Foods / Lew's Clover Butcher Shop (1979-1982) > Kingsway Hardware > Drug Emporium > Asian Food Markets (2005-2018)
Photographed: January 2021
The Barclay Farms Shopping Center opened with an A&P in 1960 in the Barclay section of Cherry Hill Township. The A&P was open until June 1979, when it closed and was subdivided with an A&P-owned Plus Discount Foods taking most of the space and Lew's Clover Butcher Shop taking the rest of the 19,000 square foot space. It was all later converted to a hardware store, then Drug Emporium, and then back to a supermarket when Asian Food Markets took over the space in 2005. They lost their lease in 2018, and it seems they weren't interested in leaving but were forced out. Planet Fitness has opened up in the space as of 2021, which I caught right before its opening. I didn't take any pictures of the store's interior partially because there's nothing left inside and partially because there was work going on inside when I was there. I am, however, dying to know what the interior of Asian Food Markets looked like. Maybe it wasn't that exciting, but I'd love to see a picture. That's a pretty quick summary, but I highly recommend checking out the full history of this store as documented by John over on Flickr here. There are also pictures of nearly every stage of this store's development, right up to Planet Fitness's opening. Asian Food Markets hasn't opened another store in Cherry Hill as they said they were interested in doing, but Hung Vuong has opened up in a former ShopRite about two miles southwest, and there remains an H Mart about a mile east on route 70. We're heading there tomorrow, so check it out on The Market Report!


  1. I was only there once while it was still open, looking for one specific item. I didn't realize until after it had closed that it was a former Acme. Had I known, I would have paid attention to the interior.

    1. Ah, very interesting! I think you mean A&P, not ACME, though, right?

    2. I am pretty sure I saw somewhere that it was an ACME. They even have the rectangular parking lot sign still standing that was common to ACME stores of that era.

    3. Interesting, I'll have to look into that more.


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