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3100 Quakerbridge Rd, Hamilton, NJ

Original Tenant: Risoldi's Thriftway
Address: 3100 Quakerbridge Rd, Hamilton, NJ
Opened: 1970s
Closed: 2019
Later Tenants: none
Photographed: January 2021
The roughly 40,000 square foot Risoldi's Market (a Great Valu store, previously Risoldi's Thriftway and before that, in a different location in town, the Liberty Thriftway) opened in the 1970s and closed in 2019. So I was just about a year and a half too late to photograph it in business, but we do get to see inside.
My interior pictures were a little limited because work was going on at the time and I was getting some strange looks from the construction workers. While I haven't heard anything about what might be going into the majority of the supermarket space, a ShopRite liquor store is taking about 10-20,000 square feet of the store. It was a good-looking exterior, but I've never seen an interior picture of the supermarket in business, and it's really hard to tell what the interior would've looked like.
Great Valu stickers still on the entrance and exit doors though! It's clear that work was going on in the space, but I don't know who might be moving in other than the liquor store. By the way, here's a picture of the store in business. That's all for Risoldi's, and up next we're moving about two and a half miles west to Lawrence Township for our final store of the Trenton North group here on Grocery Archaeology!