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2200 Mount Holly Rd, Burlington, NJ

Original Tenant: Bradlees
Address: 2200 Mount Holly Rd, Burlington, NJ
Opened: unknown
Closed: 1995
Later Tenants: ACME Markets (1997-2017)
Photographed: January 2021
Welcome to the northern suburbs of Camden! We begin with a look at this former ACME, which itself was in part of a Bradlees. The store opened in 1997 and closed 20 years later, hurting from a combination of the expansion of the Walmart in this strip mall into a Walmart Supercenter and the conversion of a former Kmart about half a mile north on Mount Holly Rd to a rather spectacular ShopRite. (That, by the way, is our other post of the day.) I really regret not going up to the storefront to see if any ACME remnants remain in the portion of the store to the left (the right portion of the store is now a Planet Fitness). The ACME was 45,000 square feet, while the ShopRite appears to be over 92,000 square feet. There's also now a LIDL next to the ShopRite, and it seems that ShopRite is the preferred store of this area -- although the aerial photographs, which show almost no one in LIDL's parking lot, were likely taken at a slow time since ShopRite's lot is also fairly empty. But enough about stores that aren't this ACME. If you want to see a whole lot more information on this store, along with extensive photographs of the store when it was open and photos of the now-demolished other former ACME in town, make sure to check out Acme Style. And tomorrow, we're moving about two and a half miles southwest to Willingboro's Kennedy Shopping Center for a store each here on Grocery Archaeology and The Independent Edition!


  1. I was surprised Bradlees closed in 1995. I thought Bradlees went out of business in 2001.

    1. I seem to remember that they (like many of the smaller discount chains) did several batches of closings, trying to cut costs and save the rest of the company, before they finally wound up closing down completely.

      Thus probably why one was closed a few years prior to the final bankruptcy/closure.


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