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930 Broadway, Newark, NJ

Original Tenant: Xtra Supermarket
Address: 930 Broadway, Forest Hill, Newark, NJ
Opened: unknown
Closed: 2018
Later Tenants: Xtra Discount Store
Photographed: June 2020
Our first official post on The Market Report was a Look Inside at the closed Super Xtra Supermarket at the northern border of Newark. When it closed, it was presumably taken over by new owners who opened the Xtra Discount Store in the incredibly long and thin, 35,000 square foot space. Unfortunately, it seems that the discount store had closed up too by spring 2020. The parking lot was totally fenced off, making it impossible to get any closer to the store than we see above. It was also raining and this is not a particularly wonderful part of the neighborhood, so I didn't linger too long.
Interestingly enough, the new Xtra Discount Store used a logo almost identical to the original Xtra Supermarket's. They later switched to a much sleeker logo. I'm still disappointed I never made it to Xtra when it was open.
I don't know what those cars were doing up near the storefront, but it's quite impossible to drive into the parking lot now.
Fancy new LED display sign sadly dark.
Tomorrow we're crossing into Belleville, just to the north (the city line runs along the right side of this property) to revisit a former supermarket along the Passaic River. Come back tomorrow to check it out!