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269 Ferry St, Newark, NJ

Original Tenant: Pathmark
Address: 269 Ferry St, Ironbound, Newark, NJ
Opened: 1970s
Closed: late 1990s
Later Tenants: SaveSmart
Photographed: January 2019
Our first store in the Ironbound, the historically Portuguese neighborhood of Newark, is this former Pathmark which is now a Save Smart discount department store. We've previously seen Seabra Foods stores in this neighborhood at 219 Chestnut and 123 Ferry, along with a Seabra's Market at 260 Lafayette St.
The 34,000 square foot store was built as a Pathmark in the 1970s, closing in the mid- to late-1990s. At that time, it was replaced by a 60,000 square foot store just next door in the Ferry Plaza.
Looking across the storefront to Ferry Plaza, where you can see the gray awning in the distance. The relocated Ferry store closed in 2015 with ACME taking it over in November of that year, then closing in 2017. See our coverage of the ACME here.
Every one of Save Smart's carts is a former Toys R Us cart! They look a little bit different from the Pathmark carts, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Pathmark cart floating around this store somewhere.  Tomorrow we'll head over to the vacant ACME property for a look around, stay tuned!


  1. You sure about that? It appears that are other types of acquired carts in the background. The ones up against the wall (which are both Rehrig and Unarco-made) are most certainly Safeway (some might be Haggen) units. Not sure what the red polymer plastic ones with the black bottoms are nor that grey-looking one in the background flipped up on its back.

    Knowing this place has been around for years, it certainly has been a revolving door of shopping carts, and these most likely have been replaced with something else or will be very soon.

    1. How dare you question my limited cart knowledge, gathered by an approximately 45-second visit to this property?!

      Yeah, so I'm sure that everything you said here is true. I'll definitely defer to your wisdom on these subjects. Thank you!


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