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435 River Ave, Loyalsock, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: A&P
Address: 435 River Ave, Loyalsock, PA
Opened: 1960s
Closed: early 1980s
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: August 18, 2022
It's had some modifications, but the bones of this 13,000 square foot A&P Centennial are clearly visible enough, even at dusk. Nowadays it's home to The Eye Center, but from the 1960s through at least 1982 A&P sold groceries here. By the late 80s, the property was home to a car dealer and as of 2010, The Eye Center moved in. Note that this is referred to as Faxon, Williamsport, and Loyalsock, but we're technically in Loyalsock Township.
Many if not most of the A&P stores in this part of Pennsylvania were closed or sold in 1975 (see Hepburn Street) but this one lasted longer, with almost no expansion or renovation. It even competed with local favorite Weis just a block south. But that Weis was built before this store and is still going strong these days. Just to the east about a mile we have another chain supermarket, which we'll be taking a look at tomorrow on The Market Report!