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4 S Main St, Muncy, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Orlie's Market & Deli
Address: 4 S Main St, Muncy, PA
Opened: 1962
Closed: ca. 2014
Later Tenants: vacant
Photographed: August 19, 2022
Orlie's Market & Deli in Muncy was a corner grocer in business going all the way back to 1962, but finally closed around 2014. Unfortunately, it looks like the 3500 square foot space has been vacant since then. It also looks like Orlie's was owned by the same folks as Orlando's, the Italian restaurant next door on South Main. Muncy doesn't have a grocery store downtown anymore, but there is a Weis about a mile and a half outside of town. There's also an independent supermarket about four miles northeast in the next town, where we're headed on Monday on The Independent Edition!