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Memorabilia: Mix & Match, Day 4

Happy spring from Shurfine! This Spring Sale-A-Bration matchbook is a little newer than the Shurfine matchbooks I showed yesterday, with the newer logo which was used up until recently (and is still used by Shur-Save).
I've mentioned that some of these matchbooks traveled quite the distance to arrive in an antique store in small-town Maine, but this one would not have had to go far at all.
I unfortunately don't know where this grocery store would've been along Stone Street, since so much of that area has seen such significant development recently. But someday, when we get through the rest of New England, we will be visiting Maine!
And how about this one...
I had never seen this logo for Stop & Shop previously! Unfortunately, other than the name and logo, there's not much else as far as historical information goes.
And moving slightly south from Maine, we enter East Pepperell, a beautiful small town (well, it's part of Pepperell) in northern Massachusetts right near the New Hampshire border.
Unfortunately, like Stone Street Market, I can place Mill Street in Pepperell but I have no idea where this specific business was. We will be visiting Pepperell and a few surrounding towns, too, including over in New Hampshire, when we get to that part of New England!
And for (almost) the whole collection together -- this is minus the Red & White matchbook, which I purchased later -- here's my overall shot, which I think looks pretty cool all together. There's the perfect spot for the Red & White matchbook in the bottom right corner here, too!

Well, that's all for matchbooks! Tomorrow, we move on to coffee. Come back to check it out!