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Memorabilia: Hot Cup o' Joe

Now the matchbooks are all in my collection, but I have plenty more photos that were spotted in an antique store, or flea market, or so on, that are out of my price range or possibly just too large, or so on. Here's a few shots of coffee cans I spotted out in the field.
Red Circle, of course, was one of the A&P private labels along with Bokar and the most famous, Eight O'Clock Coffee. And if A&P tried hard to build a strong brand for their coffee lines, with refined, simple, and elegant package designs, there's always someone going in the other direction...
...which is, of course, ShopRite, who put out this can of COFFEE. (Disappointing, Blogger didn't make that as large as I wanted. But you sure can't miss this package from anywhere!)

And here's a scan of the front of a box of 1990s-era ShopRite coffee filters which is, actually, part of my collection. Well, kind of -- I have only the front and back panels of the box, if I'm not mistaken; I don't actually have the whole box. Anyway, tomorrow we'll be taking a look at more coffee from our friends at ACME!


  1. I remember seeing/hearing of the three brands you mention (Red Circle, Bokar and of course 8 O'Clock) - not sure I ever knew that they had the one with just the A&P label like that can on the top!

  2. I actually just bought one of those Red Circle Coffee coin banks from an estate sale about two weeks ago!


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