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659 US-46, Kenvil, NJ

Original Tenant: Jack's Super IGA
Address: 659 US-46, Kenvil, Roxbury, NJ
Opened: ca. 1995
Closed: ca. 2000
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: May 2020
The Kenvil IGA, owned by Jack Shakoor's HAJ Supermarkets, opened in the 1990s and closed by around 2000. We had a bit more detail on HAJ Supermarkets back in Boonton, and this store was short-lived enough that it never became a Foodtown when the other HAJ stores switched (North Arlington, Caldwell).
I am unsure exactly how the IGA would've been set up or whether they would've taken up the entire 30,000 square foot building, and I certainly have never seen a picture of the IGA in business. I'm also unclear on whether the building was built new for IGA or was previously a different tenant. And another thing I'm unclear on... why did this store fail so quickly? HAJ's other stores seem to do rather well and when there are closures, such as Boonton, they're usually directly due to a competitor opening nearby. Was it the major expansion at the Succasunna ShopRite that killed this store? Anyway, our other post of the day is a former grocery store that's now really just a convenience/liquor store just up the street here, and tomorrow, we have our two final stores of the greater Dover group in Randolph on The Market Report!