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601 US-46, Kenvil, NJ

Original Tenant: Kelly's Market
Address: 601 US-46, Kenvil, Roxbury, NJ
Opened: unknown
Closed: 2020
Later Tenants: Kenvil Liquor & Food Store
Photographed: May 2020 & June 2021
This small grocery/convenience store is just east on 46 from our other post today, the former Kenvil IGA. It looks like this used to be a bit more of a supermarket and was cut down to a convenience/liquor store over time (likely by its current owners, who took over in 1995). The store in late 2020 or 2021 was converted to the Kenvil Liquor Wine & Food Store with a logo clearly designed to rip off Krauszer's, a well-known convenience store chain. It's unclear whether the ownership changed, but there's not much evidence that it did.
So these days, the store is decidedly a liquor store first and then a convenience store and really not a grocery store anymore. Tomorrow, we have our two final stores of the greater Dover group in Randolph on The Market Report!