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Coming Soon!

Our next stop is in the Elizabeth area! Oh sure, we've been to Elizabeth before, even with a whole week dedicated to it, but this time we're finishing up the last few stores in and immediately around the city that we haven't seen yet. We'll start to the northwest of the city with the rest of Union, Hillside, and Roselle, then through the city and finishing up out in Linden. Among our stops is a newly renovated store each just outside Elizabeth and in the city, a few small produce markets, the newest supermarket in Elizabeth, and even some historical photos of stores around the city (since this is the city where my family is from)! We're going to begin on Morris Avenue tomorrow with a former supermarket here on Grocery Archaeology.


I recently took a trip to NYC to visit some new stores. We won't be seeing the bulk of the stores just yet, but we have three brand-new supermarkets in Queens we're taking a look at today in Special Reports: