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151-155 Elmora Ave, Elizabeth, NJ

Original Tenant: One Stop Kosher Market / Jaspan Bros. Hardware
Address: 151-155 Elmora Ave, Elmora, Elizabeth, NJ
Opened: unknown
Closed: N/A
Later Tenants: Econo Super Carniceria > La Conga Supermarket > International Supermarket
Photographed: 2008
Another historical photo here in Elizabeth! Okay, 2008 isn't too historical but the pictures look a lot older than they actually are because they were shot on a disposable film camera. And, might I add, developed at the CVS just 400 yards from this store. This is a 2008 look at the One Stop Kosher Market and neighboring Jaspan Bros. Hardware (known by everyone as simply Jaspan's). The kosher market is still in business but the hardware store has been several grocery stores after it closed.
Today, Jaspan's is the International Supermarket...
...and the kosher market has a new awning.
Up next we're heading towards downtown Elizabeth for a look at a small bodega on The Independent Edition tomorrow before covering two stores downtown here on Grocery Archaeology!