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190 Elmora Ave, Elizabeth, NJ

Original Tenant: Food Fair
Address: 190 Elmora Ave, Elmora, Elizabeth, NJ
Opened: 1960s
Closed: 1970s
Later Tenants: Pantry Pride > Mayfair Foodtown > Cost Cutters > Elmora Farmers Market/Dollar General
Photographed: ca. 2005, 2008
Repeating that first picture from our 2017 store tour of the Elmora Farmers Market, which takes up a little more than half of this former supermarket. This time, we have a little more material. Namely, a glimpse of the Food Fair arch still intact as late as 2005...
Okay, yes, this is a picture of the Dunkin' Donuts outparcel. But you can see the yellow arch in the background of the image! (The Dunkin' Donuts was for a very long time a favorite hangout of my family's older members, along with the White Castle on the other side of the train tracks.) But for a better picture...
Here's a look at the store under construction back in 2008. This is very interesting to me... apparently the facade was renovated while Cost Cutters was still in business. So the facade, which is centered on the full building, makes a lot more sense than how it looked subdivided, with Dollar General's logo in the center but not actually over the business. We have more stores here in Elmora, so head over to The Market Report tomorrow!


  1. Though that looks to be the Dollar General entry doors under the logo (since there are doors to the left that would be for the farmer's market)? If that is the case, it still makes some sense to have the sign where you access the store.

    1. Yes exactly, the Dollar General's doors are under the main facade with the logo. It does seem, though, that it was constructed that way for a single tenant and that the facade informed the subdivision, rather than the other way around.


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