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207 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA

Original Tenant: Hannaford
Address: 207 E Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA
Opened: unknown
Closed: by 2000
Later Tenants: Kroger (2000-2018)
Photographed: December 2019
Some interesting story here: this store was originally a Hannaford, paired with a Kmart next door. When I visited, I kind of thought the exterior looked a little like a Hannaford, a chain I'm fairly familiar with, and only vaguely remembered that they ever were in this area, which is still bizarre to me. If I had to guess, Hannaford would've opened this store in the late 80s or early 90s, with Kroger moving in by 2000.
It seems that Kroger would've purchased this store from Hannaford in 2000, when Delhaize bought Hannaford and had to divest some locations (those close to their existing Food Lion stores, such as this one). Interestingly enough, it seems that Kroger is trying to drive traffic to their Harris Teeter nearby, as they closed this store in 2018 and, in the same year, purchased a nearby Farm Fresh with no plans to reopen it, just hold it so that another grocery store couldn't move in. I'm not clear on whether they're still holding the lease on this Kroger, but both this store and the Farm Fresh remain vacant.
I mentioned that Delhaize would've had to divest this store because of its proximity to an existing Food Lion, which is a little under 3/4 of a mile east on Little Creek at the corner of Tidewater. Head over to The Market Report tomorrow to tour that store!


  1. Definitely looks like the stores around here in NY.

    Looking at their website, they bought a chain down that way in 1994 (Wilson's) which had 20 stores in NC and SC and then mentions opening new stores in 1995 in VA, so it would probably date to then (given this is obviously a built store by the design and in VA - they also bought 6 of those Farm Fresh locations but it's doubtful they would look like a Hannaford).

  2. This definitely looks like Hannaford.

    From their website - they bought a chain (Wilson's) with 20 stores in NC/SC in 1994 and then opened new stores (along with buying 6 of those Farm Fresh locations) in 1995 in NC and VA.

    So, I'd suspect this is from 1995 as it is in VA and definitely a new build given the design.


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