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4355 US-130, Edgewater Park, NJ

Original Tenant: ShopRite
Address: 4355 US-130, Edgewater Park, NJ
Opened: 1960s
Closed: 1968
Later Tenants: Pathmark (1968-2013)
Photographed: January 2021
Just across route 130 from yesterday's ACME is this former Pathmark, which closed in 2013 just before ACME completed its renovation. For various reasons, the space remains vacant today and in basically the same condition as when Acme Style visited back in 2014.
This store was built in the 1960s as a Supermarkets General-owned ShopRite, which converted to Pathmark in 1968. The store at its closing was 62,000 square feet, or just slightly larger than the ACME, but appears to be constructed around an original building of about 28,000 square feet. Let's begin our look at this property with the pharmacy door to the right...
This section is located in what was likely a former department store to the right of the Pathmark's original space. Today, the right portion of the building is occupied by a Big Lots and a gym. Check out the Pathmark sticker, in really good condition, all these years later!
This room would've been the pharmacy department.
Looking across to the far side of the store. It looks like the doors would've been original to the store, with everything to the right of them being an expansion.
Well, the Pathmark signage remains here over the doors too, although it's not in as good condition as the signage on the pharmacy door.
Not a whole lot to see looking in through this door. Don't worry, it gets better looking in through the other windows...
Here we can see around the entrance/exit foyer. There were construction permits in the windows, but from back in 2019.
And unfortunately, they don't refer to any remodeling for a new tenant, they're just about correcting violations for fire exit signage. Not exciting.
And we can see that the fixtures have all been removed from the inside (save for the lighting, though, which we see here presumably over what would've been the produce department).
Love the Path to Savings floor and we certainly get a clear idea of where the grocery aisles were!
Part of the former customer service counter. Intercom/phone on the front wall...
Worth noting, by the way, that this is the Edgewater Park Pathmark, not the Edgewater Pathmark which is about 72 miles to the northeast and was acquired by ACME in 2015.
Manager's offices to the far left side of the front-end. Can you tell where the registers were???
Wrapping up with one last great shot of the interior. Interesting that the decor was removed from the store upon closing, too. And by the way, we see that the Path to Savings flooring was installed just on top of the older flooring that was revealed when the registers were removed. Now folks, here's something interesting. If I'm reading my list of future stores to post right, this is our last former Pathmark in New Jersey! Now of course we'll see more in Pennsylvania and on, but for now, this is the last one in New Jersey. Our other post today is the ALDI just down 130 here in Edgewater Park, and tomorrow, we move on to Delran to the southwest along 130 for one store on The Market Report and one on The Independent Edition!