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2497 Brunswick Pk, Lawrenceville, NJ

Original Tenant: Pantry Pride
Address: 2497 Brunswick Pk, Lawrenceville, NJ
Opened: 1960s
Closed: 1979
Later Tenants: ACME Markets (1979-2018) > LIDL (2021- )
Photographed: January 2021
Another store I visited with bad timing! I was here at the Lawrenceville ACME about two years after it closed, and just a few months before LIDL opened. I managed to capture the store with its facade torn off, showing what I assumed to be not much of anything -- just some structural brick. Well it turns out that this space was originally built as a Pantry Pride which ACME acquired in 1979, and the brick we're seeing was Pantry Pride's original facade. Here's a look at what Pantry Pride would've looked like. I won't go into too much detail on ACME's history here since Acme Style has already done multiple posts on this location, but I'll just add that LIDL takes up roughly 28,000 square feet of space which appears to be exactly the footprint of the ACME. LIDL is open now and looks, well, like any other LIDL. Exterior is rather bland and the interior is nice enough. This store competes with, among others, the ShopRite of Lawrenceville about four miles to the northeast on US-1. And that, folks, wraps up our look at the stores north of Trenton and in the city's downtown area! Tomorrow, we'll take a look at what's coming up next south of the city.