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3949 US-130, Pennsauken, NJ

Original Tenant: Penn Fruit
Address: 3949 US-130, Pennsauken, NJ
Opened: 1950s
Closed: 1970s
Later Tenants: Jewel T > subdivided
Photographed: January 2021
This unnamed strip mall at US-130 and Federal Street in Pennsauken is constructed around a roughly 16,000 square foot arched-roof Penn Fruit, which was later expanded to about 31,000 square feet. That became a Jewel T discount food store, and was later subdivided with Family Dollar taking the left side and part of the Save-A-Lot in the right side. The rest of the Save-A-Lot may have been a bank or other smaller business next to the supermarket.
An overview of the whole strip mall from a conveniently-placed pedestrian walkway over route 130.
You see how there's a raised section in the middle of Family Dollar's ceiling? I couldn't quite figure out what that is when I was in the store, but I think it's in the middle of the arch where the building roof is higher. The rest of the ceiling is much lower, as we see here, since of course the various expansions were built at the ceiling height of the outside of the arch. There's an even better relic outside, though...
Two, to be exact! We have the incredibly tall Penn Fruit tower sign, and right alongside it, the wonderful Penn Fruit parking sign. It hasn't been preserved particularly well, but as we can see it definitely still says Penn Fruit!
This is quite a sight. To my knowledge, there are no other signs like this remaining. Any others remaining elsewhere?
Both sides, too! This was a real treat to see. If you like Penn Fruit history, I do have at least a few more photographed, although most are not nearly as exciting as this. Don't forget to take a look inside the Save-A-Lot and Mister Meat still in this mall, and tomorrow, we move to the east into downtown Maple Shade for our next store over on The Market Report!


  1. Love it! The former Penn Fruit in Wall/Belmar; ShopRite for years, is now just sitting there empty but it still looks great.

    1. Ah yes! I should get back to that store after its closing. As far as I know, the Sakers are still holding on to it, and we'll see what's going to come of it.


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