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1447 NJ-35, Middletown, NJ

Original Tenant: ShopRite
Address: 1447 NJ-35, Middletown, NJ
Opened: 1970s
Closed: 1990s
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: January 2021
I'm a little unclear on where exactly the boundaries of this former ShopRite are, but it appears that this entire strip -- starting with what's now Furniture Town on the right, all the way through the Party Fair, Retro Fitness, and Walgreens spaces to the left -- was built as a 47,000 square foot Saker ShopRite in the 1970s with the mall. The store was later replaced by a 75,000 square foot, much more modern but poorly situated new store at the other end of the mall in the 1990s, which in turn was deemed too outdated (and too hard to get to, I'm sure) by around 2020 when construction of an all-new ShopRite began in a former Sears just across the highway.
For a look at the current and future Middletown ShopRites, check out today's post over on The Market Report. Tomorrow, we're heading a bit east along 35 to see a smaller supermarket in Middletown on The Independent Edition!