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Happy new year, and welcome back to New York state! We are here to visit quite a few stores beginning in Sullivan and Orange Counties. We're about 75 miles northwest of New York City, just about 50 miles east of the Wyoming Valley, and around 90 miles south of Albany. These counties are mostly very spread out with large amounts of wilderness, but there are also some larger towns like Liberty, Monticello, Port Jervis, and Middletown, and one larger city, Newburgh. We'll be checking out stores in all of those places, but also in the tiny towns around the counties. We're going to start in Port Jervis and loop through Sullivan County to the northwest, stopping in Eldred, Narrowsburg, Callicoon, Jeffersonville, Liberty, Monticello, Rock Hill, Wurtsboro, Middletown, Newburgh, and Warwick. It's a good survey, but there's plenty more out here we're not seeing. But there's a lot of variety and it's going to make for an exciting couple of weeks! We're jumping into Port Jervis tomorrow with a store on Grocery Archaeology!

And in case you missed anything during our winter break... here's a full recap! Not much of a break, huh?