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191 Jersey Ave, Port Jervis, NY

Original Grocery Tenant: Grand Union
Address: 191 Jersey Ave, Port Jervis, NY
Opened: between 1957 and 1963
Closed: by 2001
Later Tenants: Dollar General/subdivided
Photographed: February 3, 2021
Our first Sullivan/Orange county store is here in Port Jervis! Remember when we saw Matamoras just recently, with the Grand Union and the Price Chopper? We're a little over two miles east, across the river, from Matamoras. This building bears some similarities to A&P Centennials, but is just different enough that we can place its lineage to Grand Union and not A&P. The 23,000 square foot store, which is close to a square rather than the more typical rectangular building shape, was built between 1957 and 1963, and may have closed when the more modern Matamoras store opened in 1993. At some point after that, it was subdivided and now is mostly occupied by a Dollar General. So as far as I can tell, this was never an A&P, something that apparently confused JoshAustin610 many years ago. But there was an A&P just two blocks away, which we're going to take a look at tomorrow!


  1. If anyone wants a comparison - look up 1057 Kinderhook Street Valatie NY on a mapping program. That store is now a True Value (and has been added onto several times), but the central portion looks very similar, as it was also the original Grand Union in town.

    1. True! A good comparison. I also have a Stop & Shop/converted Grand Union coming up soon that looks very similar.

  2. Also, while I don't know anything definite, the idea of this closing when that newer store opened makes sense, as Grand Union was one that still had stores in that size that late (in fact, a new one in our area opened in 1994 - a town about 7 miles from the look alike store I describe in the other reply - was barely any larger, at around 25,000 Square Feet), plus it is close enough, much like the new ShopRite there that replaced one formerly in Montague, NJ (being as how the three states meet right in that area).

    1. That sounds right, thanks for your thoughts!


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