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Back in Time: Medi-Mart 1975

Medi-Mart was admittedly a drugstore, not a supermarket, but this 1975 ad from an issue of the Daily Journal features the Stop & Shop-owned chain's Garwood location, located in the same strip mall as the Garwood Stop & Shop -- later Kings.
In fact, the ad even proudly proclaims the store is "next to Stop & Shop"! As we can see, Medi-Mart sold a variety of products, from drugs to cigars, home goods to ice cream. I don't know much about Medi-Mart, though, since its life and death were all before my own. But tomorrow we're looking at an ad for a supermarket we're all very familiar with!


  1. Somehow, we got the Bradlees arm over here into NY State, but never the Stop & Shop nor the Medi-Mart parts.

    1. Not really - I know that one of the Bradlees here was formerly a JM Fields, I believe another was one of the GEM stores and the third was a moderately newer plaza that may have opened as Bradlees. All three locations had the local Price Chopper chain in the same plazas (the one that was Fields had been under their Pantry Pride grocery brand), but for the other two I don't know for certain if PC was there before Bradlees or not (or in the newest built store, probably built simultaneously).

      For whatever reason, Stop & Shop never made it north of Rhinebeck (a later acquisition of a Grand Union in their bankruptcy, now Tops due to the parent company merger with Ahold & Delhaize) - prior to that they were only around Poughkeepsie and south, along with in MA as far west as Pittsfield, fairly close to the state line, much like Big Y in that other post about taking over ShopRite locations, while when Ahold owned Tops they were only to the west, like Utica and west, never to meet (the few Tops closer to Albany are also GU remnants, made Tops after that company split from Ahold).

      Never heard of Nedi-Mart prior to reading of it, so not sure if they were ever anywhere close, but thinking less likely as this area, along with Western most MA didn't have Walgreens (save one in Albany proper years ago that closed) until a few years before the Rite Aid buyouts (for Albany) and until the buyouts in Western Berkshire MA.


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