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Back in Time: Custom Meats 1974

April 5, 1974: Custom Meats, Inc. was celebrating the grand opening of its Huntington store in this ad scanned from an original New York Daily News page from that time.
I love the part specifying "no beef priced over $1.69 lb". This is an advertisement for something that, as far as I can tell, is relatively rare -- a chain of dedicated butcher shops (as opposed to the more common chains of grocers or even produce markets). Looking at the locations where these stores were, it also appears that they were very small, so not even something like a Giunta's Meat Farms which is a true supermarket with a large meat department component. It's also an unusual collection of locations, with Long Island, Queens, Rockland, and New Jersey represented. I found this in a newspaper from my grandmother's attic, and I thought that this might be the best I can do as far as finding grocery ads in the old papers. Luckily, I was wrong! Up next is the next ad I found, which we'll be seeing tomorrow!


  1. A 15lb chicken is a seriously large chicken

    1. I think it says 15 pounds OF chicken, not necessarily all in one bird ;)

      Also looks like this may have been a comapny that originally did more wholesale type stuff, then was moving into sales to the public. Just from things like that free chicken (with a credit account) and that most stuff is sold in quantities.

    2. That sounds logical enough, thanks for adding that!


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