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491 E Sycamore Rd, Snow Shoe, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Hall's Market
Address: 491 E Sycamore Rd, Snow Shoe, PA
Opened: ca. 1990, 1948 in previous location
Closed: 2020
Later Tenants: vacant
Photographed: July 2, 2023
I stopped for gas and a bathroom at the Snow Shoe, PA exit along route 80, and stumbled upon this sadly vacant 20,000 square foot carcass of Hall's Market. Having been in business since 1948 and here since 1990, Hall's was a fixture in Snow Shoe, a tiny town of around 700. The store closed in 2020 (paywall) after an electrical fire destroyed most of the building's interior, and while the owners originally planned to reopen, those plans were ultimately scrapped. But the sign remains out on the street, and interestingly enough, the convenience store at the nearby Sunoco seems to have expanded their grocery selection, likely to attract customers who would otherwise have to leave town and travel about 13 miles east to a Weis in Bellefonte for a full supermarket.
Tomorrow is a look at another former supermarket, although this one has been repurposed in an interesting way. Come back to check it out!


  1. That's a shame, but glad Sunoco at least is trying to compensate somewhat for the loss.

    1. At least a little bit! It definitely had a larger selection of grocery items than your average gas station convenience store.


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