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380 Bucknell Ave, Johnstown, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: independent grocer
Address: 380 Bucknell Ave, Johnstown, PA
Opened: 1892
Closed: 1924
Later Tenants: A&P (1924-1939) > ACME Markets (1939-1950s) > Tioga Street Market (1950s-2017)
Photographed: January 14, 2023
Here's another snowy Johnstown shot from our contributor, who grew up around the corner from this store. We're at the corner of Bucknell and Tioga here in the Westmont section, to see a roughly 2,000 square foot store that opened in 1892 as an independent grocer, later purchased by A&P in 1924 before closing in 1939 and becoming, believe it or not, a very early ACME in the same year. ACME moved to the Bi-Lo location I mentioned in yesterday's post in the 1950s and it became the Tioga Street Market, which finally closed in 2017. There has been talk of reopening the store, but no progress that I can see. Tomorrow we have one more store in Johnstown, a snapshot of a recently-closed store over on The Independent Edition!