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1587 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Shop Fair Supermarket
Address: 1587 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA
Opened: unknown
Closed: by 2008
Later Tenants: NSA Supermarkets (ca. 2008-ca. 2012)
Photographed: January 8, 2021
Our next two days of posts are in the same strip mall! The Parkway Shopping Center here in Allentown was once home to a Food Fair, which we'll be checking out tomorrow, but more recently had the Shop Fair Supermarket (no relation to the current chain) later replaced by the Food Saver Market, affiliated at the time with NSA Supermarkets. NSA was the precursor to what today is America's Food Basket, and their banner Ideal Food Basket is preparing to open a store over in Bethlehem. This 22,000 square foot space is now a medical facility. Tomorrow we're headed to the other end of the mall for a look at its original supermarket anchor!