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790 US-46, Parsippany, NJ

Original Tenant: Stop & Shop
Address: 790 US-46, Parsippany, NJ
Opened: 1960s
Closed: 1982
Later Tenants: Kings Food Markets (1982-1983) > ShopRite (mid 1980s-2000)
Photographed: March 2020
Much like nearby West Caldwell, just four miles east, this mall was constructed as a Stop & Shop/Bradlees combination. The Stop & Shop was roughly 33,000 square feet with the Bradlees, now Home Depot, just shy of 100,000 square feet. When Stop & Shop left New Jersey in the early 80s, like West Caldwell, the supermarket was sold to Kings but unlike the others, the Kings lasted barely a year. Soon after closing, Sunrise ShopRite (owners of the West Caldwell store) took over the space, then constructed a huge 64,000 square foot location just next door in 2000 (now expanded to 82,000 square feet). Kings, by the way, is based here in Parsippany where we'll be spending our next week or so. Our other post today is a small independent store in an outparcel of the ShopRite's parking lot, which you can tour here. And tomorrow, we have three stores at the corner of route 46 and Beverwyck Rd just to the west (two here and one on The Market Report)!


  1. I loved Bradlees. When they went under, I just couldn't believe it. I kept shopping at this store until the final days thinking "this cannot be happening!" I was still trying to get over the loss of Caldor!!

    Surprised to see BB&B closed here. You would think having neighbors like a huge ShopRite and Home Depot would bring more than an enough shoppers into the center to keep the place afloat. Not sure if BB&B is going to make it much longer. Their massive reduction in merchandise makes every store you walk in to seem like it's going out of business! I miss the days when everything was stacked to the ceiling.

    1. I know -- I don't think Bed Bath & Beyond is going to stick around for all that much longer. Up in MA, the Auburn location is soon to close despite not having been officially announced yet (but there's a space available sign for exactly the size of the store). If you check out that Auburn Bed Bath & Beyond, you'll see the tiny and ancient Auburn Shaw's next to it, and part of me wonders if Shaw's is going to try to take the BB&B space for an expansion.


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