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We are moving on along as we travel from south to north up the middle of the state! Up next, just to the northeast of the Somerville area, is greater Plainfield. We're going to circle through roughly counter-clockwise as we start in the northwest with Warren, then passing through Middlesex and Dunellen in the southwest, our final pass through Piscataway and South Plainfield to the south, then circling into downtown Plainfield and then through North Plainfield and Watchung to the northeast. (A note on the geography, Front Street is the main business district through Plainfield but North Plainfield actually starts just a block north of Front Street. That's why we'll be jumping back and forth between the two a few times in that section.) We have a lot of great stuff in this group, so I'm very excited to present the next 25 stores or so as we check out Plainfield! Let's start tomorrow with two different stores on The Market Report.

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