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140 Orange Ave, Suffern, NY

Original Grocery Tenant: Grand Union
Address: 140 Orange Ave, Suffern, NY
Opened: between 1953 and 1965
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: assorted non-grocery tenants
Photographed: December 15, 2020
We're near the Hudson River -- about 12 miles west -- and you know what that means: Grand Union territory. The New Jersey-based chain had locations all up and down the river in New York state, as far north as Rouses Point a mile from the Canada border all the way south to here in Suffern, where we're less than half a mile to the New Jersey line. This one was built between 1953 and 1965, but unfortunately I don't know when it closed. It's possible, though, it closed in the 1970s when Grand Union constructed a new store around two miles east out on route 59 -- but the stores are far enough away that it's also possible that store's opening didn't affect this one. The 16,000 square foot location just south of downtown Suffern is today the Rainbow Ace Hardware. Our next stop is out on 59 also, but about seven miles east in Spring Valley. Check it out on Monday on The Market Report!