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32 S Middletown Rd, Nanuet, NY

Original Grocery Tenant: Grand Union
Address: 32 S Middletown Rd, Nanuet, NY
Opened: 1990s
Closed: 2001
Later Tenants: Stop & Shop (2001-2022) > Floor & Decor
Photographed: August 12, 2022
This store doesn't look much like a Grand Union, and that's thanks to an extensive exterior renovation by Stop & Shop, but it was constructed as one in the 1990s replacing an older store across the street. The 58,000 square foot store was sold to Stop & Shop in Grand Union's bankruptcy in 2001, then moved across the street into a former Fairway Market at the Shops at Nanuet in 2020.
If we look carefully and use our imagination a little bit, we can tell this building has Grand Union-style bones. The middle segment is clearly new, but built around a distinctive Grand Union awning.
There wasn't that much time between Stop & Shop's closure and the repurposing of the location as a Floor & Decor -- only about two years -- but I managed to get there and check out the abandoned property during that time! We also get a little peek inside...
Unfortunately, this is the only shot I could get inside. But we do see that it had a relatively new decor package, the very boring gray and white one (although it looks great in the more deluxe stores). But the new Nanuet Stop & Shop looks great! Check out my tour here. Next, we're headed east towards Nyack for a look at an impressive independent store on The Independent Edition and a former supermarket across the street right here on Grocery Archaeology tomorrow!