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200 NY-59, Suffern, NY

Original Tenant: Grand Union
Address: 200 NY-59, Suffern, NY
Opened: 1970s
Closed: 2001
Later Tenants: none
Photographed: March 2019
It was the end of a frigid March day, a long day of visiting supermarkets across the Bronx and downstate suburban New York. I'd been to over 20 stores that day, photographing nearly 40 in total. What better way to end it than a still-vacant former Grand Union where the setting sun perfectly filtered through the store's windows, illuminating the entire interior?
It's entirely possible that that Space Available banner has been here since closing day in 2001. Unfortunately, it mostly obscures any labelscar that might be here, except perhaps for something to the left.
This store is located just west on NY-59 from a power center anchored by a ShopRite at one end and a Walmart at the other. That's likely why the store has not seen any tenants since Grand union closed, and unfortunately the entire mall has fallen into disrepair, although some businesses continue to operate in it. Oh, but what's that above the door to the left...?
Yep, that's an original Grand Union entrance sign! You can also see the marks left from the removal of the magic carpet at the entrance.
Wow! This relic was a fantastic find! Now, luckily, the sunlight was at exactly the right angle to illuminate the interior, assisted by a few floodlights along the back wall of the store.
Looking in through the entrance door, we find that unfortunately, the interior has been completely stripped back to almost nothing.
Looking in through the front windows, we see the former backrooms completely dismantled.
Despite that, this is an outstanding way to wrap up our coverage of Rockland County. It's also the end of our coverage of all of the state of New York, so we're going out with a bang! And up next, it's back to my home state of New Jersey!


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