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3130 NJ-10, Denville, NJ

Original Grocery Tenant: Olive Tree Marketplace
Address: 3130 NJ-10, Denville, NJ
Opened: 2016
Closed: 2018
Later Tenants: Corrado's Market (2019-spring 2023)
Photographed: June 4, 2023
Olive Tree Marketplace didn't quite last two years in this space in Denville, NJ on route 10, and while Corrado's made it a bit longer they were still out of business in about four years. The space reopened as a Corrado's in 2019, and while they improved the store greatly from Olive Tree, that wasn't enough to save the business.
The closure of this store and North Arlington were very quiet, and no official announcement was made. It seems to be both abrupt and in line with a larger rethink (driven, it seems, by financial struggles) across the Corrado's business which I summarize in yesterday's North Arlington post.
Many of the fixtures from this location were sold at auction, likely an attempt to make any last money they could from the failing store. No new tenant has been announced yet, although the closure was very recent. It seems it was largely driven by Corrado's ongoing struggles and reorganization, but the opening of a Trader Joe's just half a mile east on route 10 couldn't have helped, either.
Here's the bakery/cafe area on the left side of the store, and a look inside the main supermarket...
The olives are still a prominent decor feature, left over from Olive Tree Marketplace. Olive Tree Marketplace opened affiliated with Key Food but eventually became a Shop Fair with Retail Grocers group and the other location is now with Allegiance; Corrado's was briefly with Key Food back around 2016 or so but then left and now is affiliated with the Associated Supermarket Group. This store is still on the Corrado's website, but North Arlington is not. Unfortunately, it seems that this chain seems to be struggling and hasn't quite found its footing through this period of change, but it's possible the entire chain is preparing to close or be sold. We'll just have to wait and see!

UPDATE: News just broke that the Wayne Corrado’s has closed.


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