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220 E Diamond Ave, Hazleton, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: A&P
Address: 220 E Diamond Ave, Hazleton, PA
Opened: 1950s
Closed: after 1976
Later Tenants: Dollar General
Photographed: December 22, 2018
Just a few doors down from yesterday's Mi Tierra, we see this 15,400 square foot Dollar General, the building of which was originally occupied by A&P. It appears that the A&P was built as a roughly 9,000 square foot barrel-roof building in the 1950s before closing at some point after 1976, probably in the 80s. I'm not sure if there was another grocery store here between A&P and Dollar General, or what else was in the space during that time. Up next we're headed towards West Hazleton, about a mile and a half northwest from here, for the Boyer's in town on The Market Report!