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Folks, we've finished up Hunterdon and Warren Counties after spending the last three weeks or so there. And now we move on! I mentioned at the end of Hunterdon that we were circling back up north along the Delaware River, so now we're moving about 30 miles southeast of our last stop to jump into our next group, the greater Princeton area. Now, as I mentioned, we unfortunately aren't going to see the entire southern portion of the state (just because it's so far from me and I never end up going there). But before we finish New Jersey, we are going to hang around the three remaining cities in the western central part of the state. We'll start with the Princeton area, then moving on to the Trenton area just to the south and then the Camden area to the south of that. But around Princeton, we'll start to the northeast of the town, returning once again to the Brunswicks for South Brunswick, then traveling west and south through Montgomery, Princeton itself, Plainsboro to the east, East and West Windsor south of that, then circling back west to Lawrenceville and Pennington before we move on. We're going to be spending just under two weeks in this area before moving towards Trenton, and following that we have only about five more weeks before we finish New Jersey altogether. Tomorrow, we begin with South Brunswick with two stores on The Market Report!