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184 Columbia Tpk, Florham Park, NJ

Original Tenant: Unknown
Address: 184 Columbia Tpk, Florham Park, NJ
Opened: Unknown
Closed: Unknown
Later Tenants: subdivided/Retro Fitness
Photographed: November 2020
So it seems that I didn't do my homework before photographing the stores here in Florham Park. I photographed this store at the back of Crescent Plaza assuming it was a supermarket at some point, which it was not (I don't think, although it's still possible I suppose). Instead, it looks like it was built as a Drug Fair although it has a strong supermarket appearance. There's even still a cart corral visible along Retro Fitness's front sidewalk. There was also a Grand Union across Columbia Turnpike, and there's now a Trader Joe's next door along with a Kings in this same mall, which is our other post for the day. That wraps up the Morristown area, and tomorrow we'll be taking a look at what's next!