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2328 Plainfield Ave, South Plainfield, NJ

Original Tenant: A&P
Address: 2328 Plainfield Ave, South Plainfield, NJ
Opened: early 1960s
Closed: mid 1990s
Later Tenants: CVS (1995-present)
Photographed: July 2020
Quite the find here tucked away on a small street in South Plainfield's residential district! This store -- of just 16,000 square feet -- was built in the early- to mid-60s as a Centennial A&P, and remarkably not just made it to the mid-90s as an A&P, but was actually extensively upgraded. The bulky facade we see here is a scaled-down, if unsuccessfully so, version of the facade we can also find in Peekskill and LaGrangeville, among others. But Peekskill was double this store's size, at 32,000 square feet, and LaGrangeville was just under that at about 31,00 square feet. Highly unusual to see such a major upgrade on such a small store.
I believe, though I'm not entirely sure, that this facade was coupled with the Sav-A-Center branding and decor package, and that that store model was also paired with the pylon sign we see here. It looks like CVS would've painted it red, but I'm pretty sure it's original to A&P. This store coexisted with A&P's other South Plainfield location at 3600 Park Ave, which later became a Pathmark and is now the site of a ShopRite with an identical street sign -- making me fairly certain this is an A&P relic. We'll be seeing that ShopRite and another former supermarket across the street in two days, but first, we're going to stop by an independent grocer also kind of tucked away in a residential neighborhood and a former supermarket across the street from that on The Independent Edition and right here on Grocery Archaeology!