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214 Rahway Ave, Elizabeth, NJ

Original Tenant: ACME Markets
Address: 214 Rahway Ave, Downtown, Elizabeth, NJ
Opened: 1950s
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: CVS/subdivided
Photographed: June 2020
Just to the southwest of downtown Elizabeth is this former ACME that has now been subdivided into an Advance Auto Parts and a CVS. Other than probably the loading docks, there's basically nothing left over from ACME unfortunately. Until maybe 10 years ago, it seems there was an ACME trailer complete with the 1970s logo parked behind the store that was visible from the train line which passes behind the store. I am unaware of an older ACME here in Elizabeth, though there likely was at least one older store in the city, and this store probably closed in the 1980s with no replacement. Up next we have a really interesting photo here on Grocery Archaeology!


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    1. Thanks! That's just a few years before the A&P at Broad and Pearl (now Supremo) closed, which I think was 1995 or 96. Supremo opened in 1996. Interesting to see both big chains leaving right at that time, do you think it's related to the fact that the ShopRite opened soon before that (1991) or just that both of those stores were older and the chains didn't think they had much growth potential?

    2. Don't really know what happened up there. I just know that they closed right around the time that I was riding the train to Newark everyday and you can see the store from the train.


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