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121 Liberty St, Bath, NY

Original Tenant: A&P
Address: 1448 Morris Ave, Union, NJ
Opened: unknown
Closed: 1980s
Later Tenants: Sherwin-Williams
Photographed: August 2020
Not all that much to see here. We first saw this store back in April of 2019 when I thought it might be a former A&P. We've confirmed that, and we also see that Sherwin-Williams has done some light renovations to the exterior of the building but kept the A&P essence intact. I will say, Bath seems to have been hit pretty hard since I was there last. Unlike most of the other Finger Lakes towns we stopped in, Bath's downtown is mostly vacant and seems to be struggling. And on that point, the Salvation Army store in a former ACME to the south of Bath has closed since we last visited. You can read more about that here. Thanks to Retail Regents for sending in the info! Tomorrow we are officially transitioning from the Finger Lakes region to the Southern Tier as we circle back from west to east along the NY-PA border. We've got six stores in NY (plus one bonus store right on the border in PA) before we head back east to Rockland County, NY, so stay tuned! Tomorrow's store tour will be out in Hornell on The Market Report.