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Happy Birthday to The Market Report!

So in preparing some posts around this wonderful day, it came to my attention that I didn't post anything for our three-year anniversary back in November 2019 (just a post on The Independent Edition). I figured we need to get some special stuff going on for this year! I have a lot of New York stores that haven't fit into any of the categories we've posted so far, so we have EIGHT assorted New York stores here on The Market Report, THREE over on The Independent Edition, and one store along with memorabilia over on Grocery Archaeology! (Our geographically-centered groupings return tomorrow.)

Here's a guide to what we have posted today:
The Market Report
The Independent Edition
Once again, as always I cannot thank all my loyal readers enough! Whether you're just dropping by or reading a post every day, I appreciate you all. Four years down and, hopefully, many more to come. As always, stay tuned!