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381 Hamilton St - Geneva, NY

Tops Friendly Markets
Opened: unknown
Location: 381 Hamilton St, Geneva, NY
Photographed: 2018 and August 2020
Interior images photographed and submitted by Retail Regents
Retail Regents brings us some interior photographs of the Tops in Geneva, NY, in the Finger Lakes which we first saw back in September 2019 as a Snapshot.
The 53,000 square foot store, which looks very nice inside, was located directly across the street from a 72,000 square foot Wegmans (which is actually somewhat small for a Wegmans). It closed in late 2018 and is being subdivided.
I like the decor a lot, especially the ceiling panels against the black ceiling, but it's clear many of the fixtures were very old. It's a no-brainer to close this store during Tops' bankruptcy, given its location immediately across the street from a Wegmans.
I returned to the area in August of this year and got some exterior pictures of the store after it was subdivided.
The space to the right, the sign for which is being blocked by the tree, is now a Dollar Tree.
The sign has also been replaced with a blank panel.
Don't forget to check out Retail Regents' photos of the Tops in Hancock, NY here!


  1. Looks like they have pretty large trees for a dollar these days ;)

    Also looks like they'll have another space available now, based on that third sign down...

  2. This 51,364 square foot store opened in November 2012 as a replacement for an 84,000 square foot store off NY-14A. That store was later a Cheribundi warehouse, but they left earlier this year. Dollar Tree itself is humorously a relocation itself, moving from an early 2000s freestanding building located at 3615 Berry Farms Road, near the now-closed BJ's Wholesale Club. I'm not sure what the new Tops space used to be.

    1. Thanks for the history -- and of course the photos!

    2. This was originally McCurdy's department store when the plaza opened in 1957. At some point, Peebles moved in until relocating next to Staples (to which that section was part of a W.T. Grant store). The section of the plaza closest to McDonald's was originally a Loblaws.

      Loopnet listing showing pictures the former McCurdy's as a Peebles and one showing the space as a Tops:


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