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Memorabilia: Super A Seltzer

Our first memorabilia post of Memorabilia Madness is a fairly recent one. I bought this seltzer back in 2018 at Plaza Supermarket in Worcester, MA (now a Krasdale affiliated store) but at that point, I knew the Super A brand was soon to disappear. I saved this bottle and one other for historical purposes as Super A and White Rose were phased out in favor of Avenue A. I can attest to the fact that the seltzer is of equally high quality, although this particular bottle of Super A seltzer was rather flat.


  1. You could've fooled me, lol -- this design looks rather dated, to me.

    1. I know! I'm pretty sure the design was first used as far back as the 80s or possibly late 70s (though I believe there was a slightly different Super A logo, with SUPER going across the middle line of the A, around that time). So definitely a dated design, just not a dated bottle of seltzer.


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